What is BallerBallerToDoLogoToDo?

A first of its kind ToDo app with built-in prioritization!

Inspired by the Eisenhower matrix, BallerBallerToDoLogoToDo helps you visualize and prioritize tasks in a clean, easy to use interface.

Why not just use four lists?

Traditional lists "bury the headline" and leave you overwhelmed. Lists make for great checklists, but when it comes to tasks and prioritization, the one-dimensional structure is severly restrictive. Instead of prioritizing in 1D, a 2D view of your tasks helps you target the right problems to solve. When you try to pick out your most important tasks from a list, you end up looking at everything in an unclear way. Visualizing this information helps you identify the tasks that matter most to you.

Unlike lists which can keep growing, the limited "real-estate" of the 2D board forces you to think when you add a task. This compels you to focus on why you are doing something. It may not look like it, but it is pretty magical.

What's with the login and local user?

We are glad you asked! The local user is a fully-private user experience where all your data stays on the device you are using. Everything runs on your device and no data is stored on our servers. The downside is that you can not sync your data or access it from somewhere else or on another device. Also, you get only one board.

Users who sign-in can sync and access their tasks and boards anywhere and on any device. Signed-in users can also make use of multiple boards and can share their boards with others .
We value your safety and privacy and use Auth0 for authentication and authorization, so your data is always safe and secure.

How do I use BallerBallerToDoLogoToDo?

The board on the screen is where the magic happens (ie. you become a BALLER at planning and prioritization!). You can customize the axes to fit your needs

Just click to add tasks. Tasks appear as dots on the board, along with text hints from their titles. The task will also show up in the cards next to the board. You can also access tasks from these cards.

Drag the dots around as needed, with your changing priorities and needs.

Hover to see a "score" for each task. This score helps you compare and evaluate tasks.

The task with Highest score always stands out.

Mark tasks Completed or Restore them as needed.